How to build high quality Backlinks?

  1. Quality Content: essential. We cannot think of creating Backlinks to a website with poor content.
  2. Leave comments: the most simple way to build Backlinks to your website is to leave comments on other people’s blogs. It is important to leave thoughtful and interesting comments in order not to be considered a Spammer and draw some people to your website!
  3. Social Networking Websites: the list is really long.. MySpace, Lastfm, Flickr, Facebook, they all allow users to create a profile for themselves. You can “collect friends”, or try to be linked to as many friends as possible to promote your website. Here is a complete list of the most Social Networking websites.
  4. Exchange links: you may also like to look for blogs with the same topics as your own and exchange links. I suggest not to exaggerate and not go crazy with it though ;)


SEO Techniques Summary

This is the end of this tutorial and I hope now you have a good knowledge and at least you would need any other help to optimize your web site.
We have covered almost all major concepts related to Search Engine Optimization. Now you are familiar with most frequently used SEO related terminology as well.
You have learnt how to optimize keywords, title, alt, meta tags, anchor and other text from SEO point of view. You also have learnt importance of having good content in your web site and in Miscellaneous Techniques chapter we have suggested you other important points which will help you to optimize your web site
So in brief ethical strategies for achieving optimal ranking in the search engines are:
  • All Pages Must Conform with W3C Standards
  • Keyword Density is Never Abusive
  • Always Include: Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml, & Urllist.txt
  • Keywords are Prominent in the Title, META tags, & Headings
  • ALT Tags and Title Tags are Not Forgotten
  • Nomenclature is Fundamental to Being Indexed
I have listed various good resources for SEO on the next page so if you want to do further study on SEO then you can go ahead.
Keep visiting to us, Happy Learning!


SEO - Miscellaneous Techniques

There are various other tips related to SEO. I have not categorized them into any special category so putting in misc category. Go through these tips one by one

Don't do the followings:

  • Don't keep hidden text on your web pages.
  • Don't create alt image spamming by putting wrong keywords.
  • Don't use meta tags stuffing.
  • Don't use frames and flash on your site.
  • Don't exchange your links with black listed sites.
  • Don't try to fool your site visitors by using miss spelled keyword.
  • Don't send spam emails to thousand of email IDs.
  • Don't use too much graphics on your site.
  • Don't create too many doorway pages.
  • Don't try to create duplicate content of pages.
  • Don't submit your website many times in a single search engine.
  • Don't use sub-directory depth more than 1-2.
  • Don't create too many dynamic pages. Try to convert them into static pages.
  • Don't bloat your pages with code.
  • Don't nest your pages.

Do the followings:

There are various other tips which can help you to optimize your web site for many Search Engines.
  • Create logs of pages and each page should however contain a minimum of about 200 visible words of text to maximize relevance with Google.
  • Create a Sitemap, Help, FAQ, About Us, Link to Us, Copyright, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy pages on mandatory basis.
  • Create a home page link to each and every web page and provide easy navigation through all the pages.
  • Pay attention to your dynamic page URLs. Google can crawl and index dynamic pages as long as you don't have more than 2 parameters in the URL.
  • Check your complete site for broken links. Broken links will reduce your other pages rank as well.

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